Antoni Kaniowski Venture architect - product & technology across different verticals (e-commerce, marketing). Consulting in product & startup strategy, interdisciplinary (media, marketing, e-commerce, b2b saas, big data).


03/2018 — Mentoring as part of the Polish Association of Advertising Agencies's StartUP program

06/2018 — I'm hiring developers/architects/hybrids to work directly with me in an a small venture studio building our own ultra-lean products across our portfolio companies - architecture is our focus point.

04/2018 — Mentoring for the StartUP program of the the Polish Association of Advertising Agencies

01/2018 — Consulting offer for small/medium startups & their investors

08/2017 — Started doing free sparring sessions for early stage companies and projects


VP of strategic solutions
Responsible for internal and client strategy
Co-founded a b2b market-tech platform - lead product & tech
Head of innovation
Leading an experimental, cross-disciplinary unit from zero to creating prototypes and tech explorations
E-commerce consulting
Developed road to market plan for an e-commerce platform
Antoni’s strong sense of business understanding makes his input truly valuable. His strong understanding of the relation between technological priorities and business implications resulted in prioritizing the right technology platform.
Founder of an e-commerce SaaS
Bootstrapped a service which solved issues between UX and inventory management
Detects products that are out of stock or have broken links and redirects the user to existing items (now dead) 🔗
IoT insurance prototype project lead
Lead an IoT product prototype with for an insurance industry client.
Customer-facing application for a major insurance company. Managed a small team and stakeholders to build a end to end data-driven app. The pipeline involved a few pieces of the Amazon pipeline, file storage, databases and calculations in-between.
Founder of a productivity SaaS
Bootstrapped a service for chat platforms (Hipchat & Slack) that helped preserving valuable links
Keepleads provided rich automatic summaries and advanced search functionality for all links posted in the company chat. The project has been handed over to (now dead) 🔗