Sparring sessions for early stage startups

What I'm giving out free, one hour long, sparring sessions for early stage projects/startups. I can offer advice on:

  • go to market
  • prototyping
  • tech stack

Open to most verticals — the more niche, the more interesting — particularly interested in:

  • B2B SaaS
  • e-commerce
  • data visualization
  • cataloging, collections

And a general, outsider perspective on your current challenges or problems.

Why I witnessed first hand how easy it is to get stuck in your own head when trying to build something new. I now know that I should've talked to more people about my projects - that's why I'm reaching out with this offer.

Secondly, I'm doing it to stay sharp and have fun.

How Book a session here. At least 24 hours prior send me an introduction and a short summary of your idea/problem you'd like to discuss. Technical details regarding the call are shared after booking. Session can be carried out in English or Polish.

Disclaimer - I won't be signing any NDAs and I might talk publicly about our sessions.

So far
  • Brad Culleyis working out how to monetize interesting location around the world.
  • Ehab Khaireldinis figuring out an ambitious project that would give both content creators and social media influencers exactly what they want.
  • Elias Arosemenais doing marketing for an educational startup - hit me up if you work in an non-profit/NGO focused on education.