Full stack & new product development

Consulting by Antoni


If you have a product or venture that
  • faces challenges with new product development
  • needs nudging to innovate existing offer
  • finds it challenge to establish a product-market fit
  • struggles to communicate it's USP
  • has trouble expanding internationally
  • should have went digital a long time ago
I can help accelerate changes, acting from the sidelines or within the structure as an entrepreneur in residence.

Marketing platform

Co-founded a service for authentic social media campaigns. Responsible for product and technology, led the team from idea to first clients and beyond. Our core value is the belief that authenticity in social media is only possible through real product experience. Moodage connects thought leaders with products they care about to create fresh content based on their own experience. Results are tracked via our dedicated, in-house, link-tracking system.

SpiioSan Francisco
IoT Startup

Built a solution for a plant-care startup two weeks before their entry to a new market. They struggled to explain to the customers which parts of a living wall required their attention. I added clarity to the system by developing a diagnostics visualization which combined hand-drawn shapes with live data to explain which section of a green wall needed attention.

Kosmos LivingShanghai—Copenhagen
Social e-commerce startup

Delivered a product roadmap for a social marketplace whose outsourced e-commerce wasn't flexible enough for their international expansion needs. Properly identifying the relation between technological priorities and business implications resulted in re-imagined their platform using off-the-shelf solutions and addons at fraction of the original effort.

Alm BrandCopenhagen
Innovation in insurance

Ran a pilot project with 100 users at Leapcraft for one of Denmark's largest insurance companies as the project lead. A car-tracking device which rewarded safe driving. We developed a custom device that plugged into the OBD port of the car and supported it via a companion app that enabled better customer engagement.



  • Node.js
  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • AWS
  • Bash
  • Elasticsearch
  • GNU/Linux
  • Git
  • Heroku
  • Mongodb
  • Postgresql
  • Python
  • Ruby

Key topics & toolboxes

  • Technology forecasting
  • Design thinking
  • B2B SaaS
  • Business models
  • Lean + prototype first
  • Open source
  • Interaction design
  • customer-centric design
  • empathy
  • entrepreneurship
  • insight gathering and synthesis
  • product development & management
  • user interviews

Through understanding business demands and challenges of building products, I can inject value for all involved parties acting as a facilitator, mediator or mentor.

I can help you with
  • turning ideas into products/services
  • full stack development
  • entrepreneurship as a service
  • product management
  • getting from concept to value proposition
Let's talk over e-mail or schedule a call.